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About Us

Activated Automatic Door Systems is a proud supplier of the Record-USA series operators and sliding doors. Record products are designed and built in Switzerland with the precision we expect from Swiss manufacturers and Record is a pioneer in the field of automatic entrances. Record operators are among the quietest, cleanest and most trouble-free units available today.

Activated Doors has a rigorous quality control program that we adhere to without exception. Our staff is highly qualified; we employ glaziers, electricians, and carpenters to ensure that all work is conducted by qualified professionals. Before leaving our warehouse, all products must undergo thorough testing and commissioning.

Refurbished products come with a 90 day warranty and all others are backed by a minimum 12 month warranty. Extended maintenance plans are also available. Call for details.

Activated Doors has the most modern and durable automatic door technology available today. We also stock a large inventory of parts and doors so that we can meet your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date technology in automatic doors and door operators, the best team in service and installations, and excellent customer service.

Activated Doors offers Red Seal Certified Technicians LEL #202561

At Activated Automatic Doors; we believe being “responsible” means doing what is right.

Activated Automatic Doors has adopted responsible environmental practices within the company and among our employees; we have consistently reduced waste and minimized impact on the environment.

Let us open the doors for your customers.

From the team at Activated Door Co.