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Record-USA Series 5100 Bi-Part Sliding Door

Record-USA Series 5100 Bi-Part Sliding Door System provides silent microprocessor driven gear reduction belt drive operation for years of dependable service. The 5100 series assures the architect and building owner a wide array of capabilities in ensuring the most safe, secure and attractive entranceway available.

Different operating modes

  • Automatic mode with full opening width
  • Automatic mode with reduced opening width
  • Automatic mode in one-way (exit only) for traffic control
  • Adjustable reduced opening mode
  • Continuously open: door opens and remains in open position; either full open or reduced opening width
  • Off mode: door can be moved by hand

Record-USA Series 8100/6100 Swing Door Operator

The Record-USA Series 8100 Electro-Mechanical Swing Door Operators is engineered to automate swing doors in high traffic situations. Designed to meet market demands for dependability, low noise, and application flexibility, the 8100 Series operator can successfully automate swinging door in Hospitals, Supermarkets, and airports, as well as dock doors, with smooth trouble free operation.

Record-USA Series 8500 Overhead Conceal Operator

Record-USA Series 8500 Overhead Conceal Operator is an overhead concealed version of the heavy duty 8100 series swing door operator. Utilizing the same durable and silent operator assembly, you can be confident that the 8500 version is perfectly suited for healthcare, retail and other heavily used entrance ways. The 8500 series is used on center pivoted doors only.



Record-USA Series 5900 Manual ICU/CCU Doors

Record-usa's manual sliding ICU door packages are available in multiple configurations that allow the architect total freedom in the design of a patientfacility.One may select from two,three or four panel options,both with or withoutfloor tracks.Other possibilities includeeither three or six panel telescopic designs,again both with and without floor tracks.To satisfy all of the requirements of thehealthcare facility,the doors may be specified to breakaway either into thepatient room,or out into the hallway, whichever option best allows for quick and unimpeded transportation of patientseither in wheelchairs or on gurneys.



Record-USA Series 4500 Slide/Fold Entrance System

Where space is at a premium, record’s Slide/Fold doors allow quick and easy access. Ideally
suited to buildings with narrow entrances, they are the perfect solution for restaurants, hotels,
business premises, hospitals and homes for the elderly, as well as offices and private buildings.
The Slide/Fold doors use record’s proven system drive and control units, and have all the
features and functions of record’s 5100 series standard operator. The Slide/Fold can be
either surface applied or mounted between jambs.



Blasi Revolving Automatic Door

Revolving Doors are a great option for Green customers. With the money saved from the heating and air conditioning costs, the revolving doors pay for themselves in 5 years. Revolving doors are like a vintage car, they never go out of style. The most attractive and elegant of all the automatic doors, a revolving door is sure to wow your clientele. Revolving doors leave a lasting impression and are a great option for Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Banks, and anywhere where an amazing first and lasting impression is desired.